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accomplishment, debased by ignorance, poverty, and vice

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I could focus my efforts in writing on any particular issue of importance to me, our loss of independence, our loss of American sovereignty to trans-national corporations, loss of individual sovereignty, loss of morality, the debate on public subsidized healthcare, the government takeover of the farm, food, auto, energy and banking industries; the circumvention of power by non-elected government appointed officials, the rampant and uncontained expenditures of the aristocratic elite, the militarization of local police, or the biased and often pre-purchased viewpoints of media persons and corporations so as to propagandize all information on their behalf, false-flag terrorism to feign crisis and fling us into conflict, a false left-right paradigm to polarize us, the behind the scenes philandering of self-proclaimed moral beacons and the greed of bankers/bureaucrats both international and domestic robbing the public blind of their savings and pensions, the failure of our educational system both public and familial to teach our children real-life lessons or guide them towards portals of knowledge rather than indoctrinate and clone them into worshippers of the status quo. I could even focus on the far-fetched reality of the justice system being an apparatus that actually serves those seeking justice and not just some system of fees and pleas set up to immunize the wealthy and incarcerate the poor. I could focus on the predatory lending and higher education loan scams that prey on people’s desire to enrich their lives but instead make them slaves to irredeemable debt, or even the blatant disregard of the will of the people by our elected representatives, the doublespeak of war profiteers and self-interested lobbyists all fighting over the same bundle of cash, the purposeful destruction of our currency so as to manipulate us into thinking we need a global currency and a global system of control and financial regulation, and yes these are all important issues to me, but not because they all directly affect me but because they affect us all!

These are all consequences of a political liberalism and complacency that has gone too far over the edge towards mass hysteria and sheepishness. “Let’s not be upset, this too shall pass”, says the comfortable man at his work desk putting away the keys to his Mercedes as he finishes up his lunch hour. He has more things to worry about than politics, for instance, he has to get back to work to pay for that Mercedes, he has to pick his kid up from soccer practice and cut the lawn this evening. Meanwhile, a grandmother and a pregnant woman get tazed at a baptismal party for being too loud, a group of political activists are ushered into a free speech zone in the nation’s capital because they do not have a permit to utilize their first amendment right to free speech and homeless people are used as guinea pigs for new vaccinations against a lab created disease. Let’s not tell him about the politicians buying stock in vaccinations so they can profit from any pandemic that might occur, let’s not tell him about the public monies used to bailout bankers that cried bankruptcy and then turned billions of dollars in profit and handed out billions in bonus money not even a year later, let’s not tell him either about the money we gave to international banks and monetary funds on account of “stabilizing the markets”. No, let us be quiet in our anger, because, the guy at that desk, the one in a hurry to get home and cut his lawn and pick up his kid from soccer practice, well he has too much on his mind. Right? It’d too depressing, so let’s not talk about it? Let’s talk about who advanced in American Idol instead! Let’s take an online quiz to find out which beach boy we are! Let’s even go a step further and pretend none of this stuff I just mentioned is even happening at all, it’s just stuff on television, like shampoo commercials, celebrity breakups and ads for herpes medication. “It doesn’t affect me, I’m a bald nobody who’s never had sex with a whore, I just watch TV to escape, to live vicariously through others.” Therein lies the problem. We need to escape into ourselves and know ourselves before it’s too late, because by escaping into the television we lose our sense of self and in turn we lose all ability to be autonomous in the process.

The problem w/ associating the “news” with “what’s on TV” is that we distance ourselves from the realities of today’s circumstance, domestically and internationally. The other problem is that through our freedom to speak we fail to realize we also have the freedom to be quiet when what we are saying has no merits or reason behind it. The freedom of speech is great, if we’re not propagating stupidity and misinformation in the process. The consortium of intellectuals in modern day America has been transformed into a mutually exclusive club of experts, a cult if you will of “those who know” that inform “those who do not know”, in their arrogance they have excluded anyone from the “know” group of individuals who have not undergone the gauntlet of certifications and tests so as to carry such credentials allowing them the same arrogance. What they have failed to realize is that knowledge is not under their control. I didn’t mention the communication industry as being under their control yet because, as of right now, it’s not fully under their umbrella of regulation and censoring, the internet is the last frontier for a man to speak his mind other than what room he allows in his own conscience to be honest.

Do not think for one second they are not working toward controlling this facet of life as well. Call it a conspiracy all you want, it’s the truth. Books are still in existence, word of mouth, oral histories, catalogues and annals of facts and formulas are all within our grasp and are all to some extent still free for us to absorb and yet we act as if they always will be, as if those things are eternal. Nothing is eternal except the soul, and we lose a bit of soul each day we coexist in a world that deifies the material world and looks down upon those things of our world that are left unseen. It takes effort and ambition to know what “they” know and what they feign to be the masters of. Sure, if you studied law independently for 30 years and never went to law school other lawyers wouldn’t take you seriously, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know anything about the law. The same tenet of self-discovery holds true for all areas of knowledge. Let us also not forget what we learn from experience. For instance, someone who wants to be a writer, or a public speaker, merely needs to write and speak, as often as possible, to garner the time and experience needed to know the trials and errors of both things, they need not necessarily a class on public speaking or a course on how to write.

Where has our integrity and self-respect gone? Who are we if we cannot be ourselves?! Who do we become if we cannot say no to something that is wrong! What happened to the will of the people being the driving force behind the direction this country takes? This is not democracy; this is not even slightly a republic! This is a media driven mirage of marauding/maniacal men and women who want to control us. This is the product of years of dilutions and stupefactions by the shadow government and media so as to dumb us down into inactivity and apathy while they conquer us all. I for one will no longer tolerate the stupidity and ignorance of my peers on issues that threaten our safety and security as a free nation more than any uneducated, poorly organized CIA-armed religious extremists living in caves could even fathom. It’s about time we woke up and regained the vitality that has been gradually stripped away from us or has eroded due to inattention. It’s about time we united not by political party, but in idea, and in shared passion and concern for our cumulative fate as a nation and as a free people. You are either with me or you are not, there is no half-assed way to protect us from tyranny. May each and everyone of you who are as concerned as I, find a way towards peace and resolution.

Keep Strong.


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August 7, 2009 at 12:47 pm

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